'*sirens* Ooooo! Pretty girl alert! Act cool! Be cool! *sirens*'

"Ice Cream? Yeah! You came to the right person then~ I know a lot—and I mean A LOT— about ice cream! Why not you and me go to the really nice place I know~ And get you outta this heat~” he smiled and patted the girl on the back


Oh…well he seemed very enthusiastic about getting her some ice cream. Guess that was…what she wanted right? Cassidy scratched the back of her head, hair wiggling a little as she did so. She gave the other  a little smile and shrugged a little. ” Oh ummm sure! That’s pretty cool of you…hahaha…thanks.” she blinked when he pattered her on the back, trying to keep her hair from touching him to pull his hand away…it was just a pat on the back chill. 



"What is that guy up to now…" 

Auberon’s askin to get beat up. and uh, it’s Nalin!! update!!



Its well….It’s….an erotic novel….so…erm….yeah.

WAIT HE DID?! REALLY?! wow….hm….I wonder if he read it… *ponders*

Huh? Oh- uh yeah…I went to my usual lady….and she kinda…botched it again. Something about me needing to be handsome to get a girlfriend.

…..Did yours get longer?

Hikaru…I’m pretty sure Yanci has read every erotic novel ever made…thats in the bookstore at least, this is Yanci we’re talking about after all haha!

Awww but I really like that lady! She always cuts your hair so cute chuckles a little bit and squishes her friends cheeks] I like it! Really I think it suits you…and I think she has point…but ya know thats just me 

[looks at him for a moment and pulls at his cheeks a little] Hikaru…I see you almost everyday and you just now noticed…sheesh.. [smiles a little and lets go of his face and touches her hair] 

But yeah…Ive been growing it out haha



No I haven’t!! A-and erm, y-you shouldn’t either— I mean, i have a friend that read it and— well…it was a bit……..much.

Wow that bad? Or is it an erotic novel…you’re looking a little red in the face there buddy [ snickers a little bit] I only asked cause Yanci started putting the books out and—-

….Hey did you cut your hair again….? 



heh, not unless they’ve got spunk and lil’ kick in ‘em. Hope ya don’t disappoint me. -his pointy toothed smirk grows wider still as he puts his own bulky clawed arms up, levitating to circle around her slowly waiting for her to make her move-

ladies first~ 


She watched him a little bit, ooooh he was circling…which means he could levitate…well that was something the two had in common. Okay…looking at this guy he didn’t seem at all reckless…that was good…and to be honest she wasn’t looking for a win…she just wanted to fight, could you believe it? But thats how Sophia was…

She obviously wasn’t going to take this guy too lightly..she had come across enough sketchy people to know that she’d probably get a shock or two…it was cool…she could handle this. She continued to watch him, bouncing on her feet a little bit. She moved, towards him still on the ground. She stepped forward and surprise surprise she was at eye level throwing a punch with one hand, but not hitting as the other one zipped around to hit in at the side.  

Fifty Shades of Grey has been turned into a movie and mom won’t stop raving about it…she is way too excited and I think I’m going to be sick..



I haven’t done traditional art in 10 years


I haven’t done traditional art in 10 years



"… He’s my best friend, since Junior High…" Vincent looked less than pleasaed at Yanci’s arrival; more so out of worry than anything… He’d done his best to keep his sickness a secret so far; having it revealed now after everything was going so well? Ugh… Everything would change… All the dragon wanted was to have some friends who didn’t know, who wouldn’t think twice about treating him like he wasn’t possibly facing death. Was that too much to ask?

Still… The way Yanci was wiping his face… Gosh, why did that feel so nice? Oh, shit, had he been leaning into the touch all this time? GET IT TOGETHER, MAN.

"I just didn’t want anyone to worry; I’ll get over it soon enough and things will get back to normal… It’s not worth you getting like this too, y’know… " Then, he spluttered which turned into a rather painful sounding cough for a brief moment. Ugh, his chest felt like it was on fire… “N-No that I don’t appreciate you comin’ here, ‘cause I do! But…”

… Was there really any point in arguing with this guy? Apparently not, because before he knew it, Yanci had fled upstairs to get him some fresh clothes which were soon tossed in his face… Causing an indignant, reptillian snort to leave the Flygon. “Yeah, well… S’only ‘cause I’ve barely moved! This is like, y’know… My nest.”

It took Vincent a little while to get dressed, considering he couldn’t stand without feeling lightheaded, but once he had… He had to admit it felt so much better to be in clothes that weren’t drenched in sweat.

"Uh… Well…" Time to look sheepish. "A lil’ longer than that? I mean, I started feeling bad about two weeks ago but it just kept gettin’ worse… Heh…" Well, at least Yanci was smiling! And what a smile it was… Damn it, why was the mutt’s grin so infectious? Vincent felt horrible, yet he couldn’t stop himself from perking up at the Sylveon’s expression.

"Duuuude," he whined, hugging one of his pillows to himself as those big, green eyes of his gazed up at his friend. "I only did it so I wouldn’t spread what I’ve got…"

Ugh… Lying was making him feel like trash.


" Oh…well shit now I’m embarrassed" Yanci laughed a little bit hearing that the dino was actually his friend for high school, well alright that made a lot more sense. For a second he almost thought he was Vin’s…well….nevermind what he thought! " And really? Jeez…Im just going to have to start coming over more often to make sure you’re doing alright man…Imma go gray.." he laughed a little bit more, picking up the trash that was around the dragon, throwing stuff away. He really was a mess…must have been some bug he had. 

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"You seem surprised~" He grinned and stared her right in the eye "Well, it’s a change from beating up onixes, so it should be fun"

"Oh, a good ol’ fashioned brawl then… EXTRA fun" His grin widened, both because of his excitement and because most people got nervous when they saw the razor-sharp teeth, it was hilarious "Might have to warn you, punching a ghost is harder than it look~" Nox added, taking off his jacket "Just give me a minute, sharp nails could make for a boring advantage, don’t you agree?" He added and started biting -and secretly eating- his nails; obsidian was such a nasty thing when it had any kind of edges.


" Haha…a few scratches never hurt anyone but if you insists~" she continued to loosen up a  little bit before rolling her shoulders. He was right though…last time she fought a ghost she didn’t exactly win…but she really wasn’t looking to win…honestly. She just wanted to fight…she wasn’t a sore loser or anything like that….she just enjoyed the thrill of a fist fight. She hopped on her toes a little bit with a grin on her face, this guy looked like he would be fun to deck a little bit, Lets hope it would be a good fight.