He has just settled down in bed for a nap when he got the text, instantly sitting up to reach for his phone. ‘Cassidy…’ He mumbled, he was still kinda bummed that she was leaving soon, but hey, the least he can do is be happy for her, this meant a lot to her!. He blinked, quickly sending off a text back as he fumbled over to throw on some decent clothes.

[txt]: Not at all! I’ll be at your window in a sec.

Not a second more and he was out Kaiko’s place, quickly landing on Cassidy’s roof and leaned down, tapping gently at her window glass to let her know he was there.

Cassidy had just about pulled her hoodie over her head a little bit as she heard the tapping on the window, Turning around and laughing a little as she grabbed her house keys and went downstairs and left out the front door this time. She walked around towards her window and waved at him. ” Hey Jaxxy” she said with a warm smile. The poor girl sounded a little tired but she really needed to get out of the house. 


I got to move in this weekend…oh man Im excited but kind of bummed….no Kaiko….No Jax….what am I suppose to do….



Horatio had just put away Hamlet to sleep, covering his cage with a blanket so he wouldn’t be disturbed if any light was to come into the room. His ears went up at the sound of Aria “hm?” he walked over and opened the door “hey doll…yea of course~” he said already slipping on his shoes.

Aria smiled, BruceBruce purring against her leg before getting bored and wandering back to her room to his bed. She sighed, fiddling with her sweatshirt for a moment as her friend came out of his room. She smiled a little more and went to hug the deer, feeling more than relieved that he was going to walk with her. Maybe he could give her some insight on…this whole mess…

" I’m trash…I’m trash….I’m fucking trash" 

" ….and i thought I had a chance? Ha…I’m fucking trash…disgusting…pathetic…weak…" 

" …ahaha….ah…." 

" …fuck…" 



-Abel practically jumped out of his skin when the door was kicked open, his wings flaring as he let out an undignified yelp; he’d been about to question Yanci’s actions, only to pause when he saw his expression… And what he said only unnerved and confused him even more.-

Wh… Huh? But- Uh, I’m pretty sure I don’t finish for another hour, Yanci… Dude, what’s up? You look… Tense…?

-He flashed an uneasy smile; while Vincent had spoken a lot about the canine, he still wasn’t exactly close with the guy… So could you blame him for being rather weary?-

The Sylveon’s baby blue eyes shrank as he reached out to grab Abel by his collar, but was intercepted by Abbie who out of pure reflects…grabbed Yanci’s arms with both of hers and held it. Thank God no customers were there. ” LET GO OF ME ABIGAIL!” He growled, trying to jerk her off of him as she was begging him to calm down and to stop this. ” GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY STORE!!” He had death written all over his face….Did he really blame Abel…no but all the angry and hurt he was feeling and frustration he just—- he just lost his cool. 


Yanci was breathing heavy, what the hell was he doing…he didn’t act this way….so viciously. Why did this upset him so much he didn’t understand and this just angered him more. He managed to snatch his arm away from Abbie and looked to Abel but he didn’t try to…go for him again. But it was obvious that he wasn’t going to calm down any time soon. 



Was… Was she crying? No, no… He didn’t want her to be sad! She was hurting enough on the outside! “S-Sophia, it… It’s okay, please, don’t cry…” Despite his hesitations, the snake couldn’t stop himself from gently turning her face back to him, his eyes locking onto hers as he took in every detail of her face… Every bruise, ever tear… God, he needed to stop this.

"It’s okay… Hush… You never meant for it to go this far, Sophiana… It’s not your fault. It’s not. I’m not angry…” Perhaps he was in denial… Because in reality, Sophia was partly to blame; she chose to fight. She chose to go there today… She chose to join in. But in the end, as she had said, Sophia had tried to protect some teens. Things just got out of hand… right?

"I’m going to look after you…" He murmured while running his hand through her hair, his touch as gentle as ever. "My own little star… Don’t worry; I’m here. I’m here.”

And then he leant down and pressed his lips to her forehead, a kiss so sweet and full of love being given to the girl he just couldn’t live without.


Sophia couldn’t help it, even if she stopped apologizing this was always happening…this was always…happening to them. She would be so reckless and selfish…always thinking about herself and never of Enzo. But…but that wasn’t true…she always thought about Enzo…isnt that why she was crying? Why was she still fighting….she…she had been so happy all these years after she started fighting….Enzo made her happy…so why…why did she keep torturing the boy? The thought and the kisses to her forehead made Sophia cry even harder. She lifted her arm weakly and rested it over her eyes and just cried. 

She was the worse….scum…trash. She hated herself for this…she hated always hurting him. What was worse was that…people didn’t do this to those they loved. They were never constantly hurting the person they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with. That…that was horribly selfish but Sophia never managed to get it. Enzo was too far out of her reach but close enough to still have at a stroke. So what did it matter…he didn’t love her…not like that…even if it seemed like that sometimes. 

Oh how Sophia cried, she didn’t want him to look at her like this. It hurt too much…even with his kind words..they were always countered by the negative ones in her head. ” …c-can you go..for a little while…please…I need a minute….please…” she mustered through her tears…God she didn’t want to push him away but she didnt want to be so weak in front of him…

Was this really how she wanted the love or her life to see her….no…she didn’t deserve Enzo she was fucking trash…she had always been trash…and she would continue to be nothing but trash. 

weeps as Say Something plays in the distance…



As soon as Sophia made the slightest of movements and murmured her affectionate nickname for him, Enzo leapt to his feet so he could hover over her with both relief and concern written all over his face; god, his heart felt like it was going to leap out of his throat with how fast it was beating…

"Sophia! You’re awake! Oh, thank God… I… I was so worried…" The snake lifted a hand to gently touch the side of her face, only to hesitate… He didn’t want to hut her any more than she already was. "I was so scared… You were bleeding and… And on the ground…”

Shit… After everything that had happened, he could feel himself starting to cry again… Sophia was bound to make fun of him. Heh… “I just want you to be okay…”


Sophia looked to Enzo for a moment, she could make his face out a little better now and goodness she was upset. Look at him…he had been crying she could tell and even know he was crying. Sophia listened to Enzo with soft eyes and closed her for a second to let out a little breath. Why did he even bother with her most of the time huh? What was the point…if it always ended up like this….with him being so worried to the point of tears? 

What…was the point….

" ….Im sorry…" that was pretty unexpected for her to apologize. Hell she usually never did when he worried for her like this, she always made a joke out of it because she was always fine..at least by her standards. Sophia turned her head away so that she wasn’t looking at him but he could still see her face since he was standing. " …Im sorry…" she closed her eyes and lifted her hand and covered her eyes. He could see her lower lip quivering….and what was this…tears….? 

" …fuck I….damnit…" she couldn’t even find the words…she wanted to keep apologizing but really…it broke her heart to see him like this as much as it did when Enzo seen her like this. So she kept…saying that she was sorry…over and over for now. 



If only Jiro knew how tired she was…it was different from being sleepy and all, even waking up made her feel more anxious…so to hear him say he was gonna take some time off, she perked up, her grip tightening around him. 'Oh thank you, thank you…' she repeated over and over in her head, feeling this sudden relief wash over her…no more of those voices for a while.

"…T-Thank you…" She managed to say, her voice cracking…probably from not talking much during the last few weeks. She looked up at him, no doubt he could see how her eyes look so drained, this wasn’t like her…where was his usual Gen who was so bubbly and lively? Gen wanted to know where that side of her went, she desperately need to get back to her old self. She reached up to cup his cheeks, staring at him a bit before her expression sadden a bit. She felt a wave of sudden guilt, Jiro…he looked just as stressed as her, was she doing this to him? That wasn’t fair…not to him, he didn’t deserve to be this frustrated with her problems…

"…Jiro…? Am I…a nuisance to you?" She knew she shouldn’t ask him that, but she couldn’t help it…she moved in with him, hoping that paranoid feeling would go away from her home but instead, it gotten worse. And it seemed that Jiro could sense it too. What a inconvenience she was, she thought. She let go, rubbing her eyes as a few tired breathes let out, gosh she felt like she was gonna break down any moment now. "I-I’m sorry, I just…" She could tell him, about the voices, but would he believe her? She knew how suspicious Jiro was about anything supernatural…she never been so conflicted to tell someone how she was feeling… "…you know …that feeling when…you can’t take it anymore so you just…end it all…" She glanced up at him for a second time, probably on the verge of tears…

"Is it bad that I feel like that sometimes…? I-I hate that I would even think that…but…" She stopped, she probably made the situation worse with her rambling and sniffled, her breathing becoming much more shallow.


Jiro closed his eyes and held Gen close, listening to her heart beat and feeling it against him. He opened his eyes a little when she started to chatter and started heading into a negative tone about her being a bother…and not wanting to be…around anymore. Jiro tensed a little bit and pulled back from Gen, instantly his hands cupped her face and he held it firmly so that she couldn’t look away not even a second, but he was completely gentle at the same time.

" …Genevive…." he said in a serious tone, looking at her with such a serious look…as if she was one of the guys that he worked with. He looked almost hurt by her words and it wasn’t until a second later her eyes softened a little. " …Dont…Dont ever ask me that again…do you hear me? I don’t ever want to hear such nonsense come out of your mouth like that…understand?" his voice was stern but..it honestly did sound a little hurt. He closed his eyes a little and leaned into her some, resting his forehead on hers and sighed. " …There has been a lot of stressful things happening for both you and myself…while I can handle it a lot better than you can…that doesnt mean that you are a nisance my love…"

Jiro’s lips curled up into a tiny smile and sighed a little bit. ” I know…I know you’re struggling Gen…I can see it…youre tired…worn out…you want it all to just stop…but it wont…not right now at least….” his hans slipped from her face to her neck and then her shoulders, all the way to her hands and holding them tightly and tenderly. ” …itll be alright Gen…I promise you…itll be alright…because I’m here…and Im here to take care of you…and to make sure that you are alright….” he lifted her hands and kissed them for a moment, letting his lips linger.

" ….Gen…I need you to let me know when you..feel like its too much to bare alright? Please…I know you dont like sharing such things but…Im asking you…please talk to me…even if you think it will uspet me…dont worry about me…think about yourself. What good am I if you can’t talk to me…." he started to drift off in his own words and shook his head and looked her right in her eyes once again.

" …I love you…alright? I need you to always remember that…I love you…so much and I’m here….Im here for you…"

Jiro smiled a little bit before looking around his office and chuckling a little. ” …you know…its getting a little too boring around here…and since we both seem to have taken off work for a little bit..why don’t we go somewhere else…? A little vacation.” he smiled and held her close. ” …what do you say?”