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When she answered, he couldn’t help but smile big, his cheeks burning at the moment. “Yeah! O-Oh I mean…maybe…a little….okay, maybe a lot, shoot….” He was becoming more giddier, letting out a deep sigh to calm himself down. “Sorry, my words are not coming out right..” he mumbled, smiling a bit before a sudden thought struck him, was she all settle in?? He totally forgot to ask, “H-How have you been—I mean—you’re all settled in? Got a nice roommate? Is the food nice there?” This guy, worrying about food as always.

Cassidy started giggling a little bit more as he started asking random questions and what not, leaning back on her bed she looked up at the ceiling. “ …Yes im settled in…found out my roomie isn’t that big of a anime fan…” she sounded a little said but laughed a little. “ …um the food is good…but we ordered pizza and got to know each other a little bit more…she’s nice…maybe ill get her to watch some sailor moon haha…” she got a little quiet for a moment before shifting in bed, turning on her side. “ …so…um…how are you Jaxxy?” 

A message from witchful-wishes
[grabs his phone off his dresser and plops on his bed to call Cassidy, humming a little tune. The guy's on cloud nine right now, he just hopes he's not interrupting her on anything important at the moment,] -- Jax

Cassidy heard her phone ringing and when she saw who it was she dropped her phone and turned pink. Though she answered it before it went to voicemail…taking a deep breath and holding her clutching chest a little bit. “ …H-Hey J-Jaxxy…I haven’t been gone even 24 hours yet….goodness…” she giggled a little, sitting on her bed and blushing terribly. “ …D-did you miss me already….?” 

"I’m back"


Paris dropped Maka off not too long ago, enough time for him to get Lani his favorite flowers some sweets, and pick up something in the window he thought Lani might like. Who knows, this might be his last night alive. Like Maka, he was awful keeping in touch. The time they stayed away got longer and longer, he was getting antsy. But the family needed them. Done up in some of his best clothes, Paris took a deep breath and opened the door to their shared apartment. 

"Lani Love?"

The Typhlosion braced for anything that might be thrown his way. 

Returning to the apartment Paris could see that there was material after material all over the place. Both finished and unfinished dresses and other pieces of clothing were all over their living room. And where was Lani? Laying under some material lightly snoring. Yes he had kept himself pretty busy while his fiancé was away. On top of that well…Lani had been making most of the wedding plans…without Paris. It was tough and frustrating but thank goodness he had helped from everyone at Madame’s to say the least. On top of all that well…he had been trying to keep Paris’ shop running as smoothly as possible…and well that was an adventure in itself. But like the good fiancé that he was…he really did his best to keep things running.

When he heard his name however Lani rubbed his eyes, groaning and turning over under the material. He could have sworn he heard his Paris call his name but that couldn’t be…he was still away at the circus with Maka and his family. Lani sat up and held his head, running his hands through his messy hair…gosh he looked a hot mess. Looking over to the door he gave a little smile and a little wave to Paris. “ …hey there…” he said yawning once again before pausing suddenly.

…Paris…was…that really Paris…??

“ PARIS LOVE?!?!??!?!?” The ghost fell off the couch and got up suddenly, looking more than surprised to see Paris standing there. “ W-What…my word what are you doing—- Oh lord I look a mess! Don’t look at me!” he covered his face suddenly, turning away. How dare he not call! He wasn’t prepared in the slightest!



Maka nearly dropped what she was holding, happy to see Giza still recognized her. “Who’s a wet Mightyena? Is it you? It is!” She shifted the things in her hands, and pet her wet dog. She heard Rajia calling into the room, her smile instinctively breaking out into a huge grin. Maka straightened up and held out the candies and flowers, opening her mouth, but Rajia crossed her arms. Let out a huff. And slammed HER bedroom door.

"I deserve that, ya.." Maka pouted a bit toward Giza. A single bark came from the Mightyena. "Ya, Ya, I know." Maka walked over and sat against the door, patiently waiting. She sat in silence until she broke. 

"I’m sorry. I know, I lost touch for a bit. But I’m back… And… I’m an ass. I’m sorry, Pidge." Maka leaned her head back, a soft thud. "Raji-Girl, I’ve missed you so much." 

“ You’re damn right you’re sorry Maka’alohi!” she could hear from the other side of the door. Okay so maybe this wasn’t the most mature reaction that one would give when their girlfriend finally came home from being gone months and months…but goodness Rajia had been so lonely. It was nice taking care of Giza and what not…but still they had both missed the hound and when she lost touch well…Rajia was a little upset. She got a little quiet suddenly and sighed, opening the door and watching the hound fall right into the room. She was still in her towel and looming over the houndour for a moment with her hands on her hips. She still looked a little upset until she got on her knees and leaned over, giving the dumb mutt an upside down kiss.

Rajia pulled up and smiled, giving a little huff once more. “….you…missy have a lot of making up to do you  know that? But I’ll give you a pass…for tonight…” she brushed her hair out of maka’s face and leaned back down to give her another kiss. “ …welcome home my lil hound~”  



Her heart beat hard and fast. Sure, she at least told Rajia she’d be going, but… It ended up being longer than she could have imagined. Life sucked ya. But she braced for the oncoming Spanish heat she was walking into. A big bouquet of Birds of Paradise and a big heart container filled with chili pepper chocolates. 

Maka took on big breathe, dressed in a white button up, a dark red vest, matching slacks, even one of her trademark beanies on her head. Last she knew, Rajia was staying at her place, bless her heart, taking care of Giza. “One, two, three, here we go, ya”

Maka opened the door to her apartment, her ears low, her eyes wide, mustering up all the innocence she could, “Pidge?”

“ Gizzzzzza baby get out of the tub we’re done with our bath!”

Rajia’s hair was slightly poofed having just dried her hair and what not at the sink, wrapped up in a towel as Giza got out of the tub and started to shake dry. “ Giza!” Rajia started to laugh as water got just about everywhere, making a little face at her as her ears seemed to perk up suddenly and she ran out of the bathroom barking. Rajia only laughed, shaking her head as she turned to the mirror again, looking herself over before she left…hearing Giza bark with much excitement. “ Giza my goodness what has you so riled up baby?” she called, holding her towel close to her as she walked out of the bathroom and to the living room.

However she was greeted with a familiar face all of the sudden, Giza was jumping up and down and barking…but Rajia stood in place for a moment. Maka….Maka was home? Well she hadn’t called or anything that she was going to be home…in fact she hardly called at all while she was away! Rajia stood there for a moment longer before her brows tilted down and she folded her arms under her chest and let out a puff of flame.

“ …….”

She didn’t even say anything before turning back and going to Maka’s room, slamming it and locking the door. Well…what a welcome back greeting THAT was. 

Roommate doesn’t like anime…

Send help.









ARRRIIAAAAA!!!!!!!! -ATTACKS HER WITH A HUG lord help her-

-doesn’t let go
still hugging-

[She giggled a little as she hugged the big bird right back oh gosh she missed him so much!] 

I’m good! Well a lot better than I have been haha…and how are you doing? [she lifted her hands to squish his cheeks since he didnt let go of her just yet]



The whole time that Sophia had just stood there playing with his hair was a painful one; after all, she didn’t voice her approval straight away… So Enzo simply tried his best to not sweat horribly until he actually heard her opinion. Luckily… It turned out he’d done a very good thing. A very good thing, indeed. “You- What? No! No, I just… I saw it in the salon and I thought it’d be a nice change…”

Of course, then it hit him as to what she actually said… Causing his own cheeks to turn a little pink before the snake gained a devious grin, his hands sliding around her waist while he happily accepted the kiss. “But you like it that much, huh? I should have had it done sooner…”

Enzo let a small hiss slip out as he tugged the girl even closer, the sensation of her playing with his hair caused the Arbok to practically melt on the spot.


Sophia smiled within their kiss, pulling back to look at him with a soft blush on her cheeks as he looked at her with those eyes. “ Hehe….jeez whats with that gleam hm?” she asked, still rubbing her hands through his hair and leaning up to give him another kiss. “ …but I really do like it! It suits you hun…really…wonder what you’re mother’s going to think haha…you know she loved your long hair…” she grinned a little bit as she finally let go of his hair and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. “ ….Im happy you’re home…see I stayed right here just like I promised…I think I should get a reward for being so obedient~” she purred a little, giving him quite the grin.